The Ultimate Lubricant

Company Profile

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Magna Industrial Co. Limited has been serving the global industrial MRO markets since 1965. Magna has over 160 authorized distributors in 50 countries, who are served by our overseas based Marketing Consultants.

Magna's world-renowned brands include

"OMEGA" ultimate lubricants for the industrial & automotive niche markets "MAGNA" maintenance welding consumables"CORIUM" industrial chemical products"EPXYLON" the engineer's polymers.


Omega specialty lubricants are probably the finest line of Quality Oils, Greases and Additives in the world.

Omega specialty lubricants are generally made from premium and limited source Paraffinic-type base oils because of their naturally higher viscosity index, stability and purity. Besides, Omega specialty lubricants contain scientifically-developed exclusive supplements called - "Megalites". These supplements are a technologically-advanced family of exclusive and unique agents designed to provide maximum protection for costly machinery, vehicles & plant equipment. Omega supplies Total Concept Lubricants engineered and developed with the single aim of enabling machinery to perform more efficiently, with less wear and extended service life.

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